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Jun 3, 2017

Shahla Khan is a visionary author, speaker and trainer on Inclusive Leadership. She founded Pink Boss Blue Boss Consulting discovering a dire need of inclusiveness skills among top leaders of almost every industry in the world. With an academic background in International business her expertise is in helping leaders 'making people count' by recognizing differences in gender, race, nationalities and abilities that people bring along. She has recently been nominated for the STEM Influence award 2015 for her latest book "Lean On What: 5 Things to Consider Before Your Recruit/Retain Women in Engineering."

Her philanthropy work includes a pilot project on Human Trafficking called 1 Life Foundation and a powerful campaign to criminalise marital rape in India called Make Love Not Rape. She loves to read, follow and learn from badass strong and notorious women who have changed the world in their own style such as Chimamanda Ngozi, Sheryl Sandberg, Mindy Kaling, Gloria Steniem, Manal Al Sharif and Brene Brown. Having travelled across 3 continents, she believes travelling is the best therapy and item of expenditure on her list. She currently lives in Cardiff, UK and blissfully ignores people who ask why isn't she married.