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Dec 13, 2017

Sharina Annette Jones CEO of Push Goddess, LLC on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Sharina Annette Jones was born in Pontiac, Michigan on October 29, 1979 at Pontiac General Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. As the youngest child of Robert and Sharon Finley, she was adored by her parents and siblings. Her family was very tight knit; with her parents teaching spiritual values along with other life lessons to their offspring. Sharina's early childhood days were spent like most children; playing, going to school and learning about life.

When she was just five years old, Sharina was the victim of a shooting. This event left her unable to walk for the rest of her life. More importantly, however, it was the beginning of the unveiling of Sharina's purpose in life; to inspire others to reach their greatest potential. Even from such an early age, Sharina was aware that she was to overcome her tragedy by not focusing on herself, but to move forward to help those around her. With the help and guidance of her family, friends, medical personnel and others, Sharina was able to adjust to her circumstances, pushing past huge obstacles and limitations, and perform her life's mission.

To that end, Sharina has been able to accomplish an impressive list of achievements. After graduating high school she continued her education and attended Mott Community College, earning an Associate's degree; the first in her family to attend college. She continued her education and earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Oakland University, and an MBA from Wayne State University in 2008.

In addition to her academic success, Sharina was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Michigan in 2011. She has used her crown as a platform to impact the lives of others in a positive way. She established the organization, Think Beyond the Chair, to provide hope, healing and resources to others in the community faced with circumstances like hers. Her first book, Life of a Push Goddess, is one of her favorite accomplishments. She is currently writing her second book, Not All Goddesses Are Alike. Her long list of achievements also includes participation in the Detroit Free Press Marathon and tossing out the first ball in a Detroit Tigers opening season game.

But when asked, it is her marriage to Grover Jones in May of 2010 that brings Sharina the most joy. The loving couple resides in Michigan, where they enjoy all that life has to offer. In addition to writing, Sharina enjoys hand cycling, wheelchair basketball and swimming. She and her husband also love to travel; Jamaica being the favorite vacation getaway location.