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Apr 27, 2020

RG is a New York actor-writer. Her latest project Top & Bottom is a relationship drama told from the lens of an LGBTQA couple, six years in. Funded by The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, Women in Film and Television Fund. It explores the sexual complexities of Lexi and Quinn. A lesbian and non-binary couple longing to rekindle love despite life's mundane.  

Currently in post-production--The Hunted: NYC Sword Slayers. RG portrays Lou, a sword-wielding, non-binary mystic who travels between two war-torn worlds. Humans and vampires. In the end, Lou longs only for New York's very own Roberta's Pizza!

My Womanhood Bleeds Red, is RG's latest project. A one-act drama set in a catholic boarding school. Where Felicity endlessly flogs herself and questions her sexual identity.