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Apr 8, 2020

A bestselling author, Margie Warrell emboldens people with the
courage and resilience to make braver decisions, take bolder
actions & create a bigger mark.

Margie draws on her background in business, psychology and
coaching to develop better and braver leaders in organizations
globally, from the UN Foundation to Salesforce.

The titles ofher bestselling books - You’ve Got This!, Train the Brave, Make Your Mark, Stop Playing Safe and Find Your Courage – and her Live Brave Podcast, reflect her belief in the potential of every person to overcome the fears and false beliefs that keep them from achieving the extraordinary.

Margie walks her talk when it comes to living bravely, having ventured out of her comfort zone countless times since growing up as one of seven children on a small dairy farm in rural Australia.

After attempting kitesurfing with Richard Branson, she raised her sights yet again and recently climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and four teenage children.

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