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May 26, 2018

CEO and Million Dollar Marketing Mentor Kelly Roach on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Topic: What to do when your New Year's Resolution Fizzles You'll discover: *How to stop self sabotage and create REAL RESULTS right away *3 things you can do to ENSURE you meet your 2016 goals-even if your off track already *What to do when busyness takes over and you just don't have time for the things you had hoped to focus on

Kelly Roach is an NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Executive turned Million Dollar Marketing Mentor. She helps individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs skyrocket productivity, growth and income. She is also the Host of Top-Rated Unstoppable Success Radio on ITunes and Stitcher. Kelly focuses heavily on exercise integration, personal development, and key healthy living rituals to help her clients achieve sustainable business success coupled with a fulfilling freedom-based lifestyle.