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Apr 27, 2018

"How to Turn a Passion into a Successful Business" with Fitness Business Mentor Charlotte Mizuki on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Juggling a million different things, Charlotte Mizuki is a 9 to 6 full time management accountant forpast 12 years in the shipping industry, successfully dropped 20kg inspired her to become a fitness coach and set up LifeSparks Studio in 2012. She is also a lifestyle coach providing coaching for individuals who need the extra support in their weighloss journey.

Sharing her 6 years of experience running a fitness business, she is now a fitness business mentor for many aspiring fitness instructors and studio owners. She started MiChannel on her facebook on every wed 10.30 pm touching on topics from fitness, beauty, health and motivational words to her followers.

In 2017, she created TEMPOfiit®, a Singapore fitness brand which vouch to create laughter, connect friendships and work up a sweat. Charlotte says becoming a TEMPOfiit® coach is not just about teaching fitness, it’s to help individuals rediscover their worth and unlock their true potential.