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Oct 31, 2018

Carol Soares has been described as a conscious, connected, creative, and courageous Mompreneur… on a Mission.

She also remains passionate about and encourages singles to not be defined by their status but by their greatness.

Carol, affectionately known as the Magnificence Motivator, is an author, speaker, host, mind health collaborator, and business magnification expert. She is the founder of Magnificent Minded Studios. Carol is a Registered Social Worker, who has also worked for 19 years in a number of different capacities, counseling and inspiring a diverse scope of individuals.

Her present programs, she says, "Encourages people to strengthen their minds while moving beyond the internal and external expectations and limitations that often shapes experiences in the course of one's life." Carol believes that prosperity begins with a state of mind and that inner wealth is often the basis for all other possible forms of wealth.

Carol is currently the author of two books. Her new book, Purposefull Practice: How to Create and Grow Your Purpose-Driven Practice (, guides helping professionals to build a practice that allows them to live their vision, serve more and enjoy the income that they deserve. Carol inspires practitioners to enrich their minds, shift perspectives, and implement essential strategies that will clarify their purpose, leverage time, support lifestyles, and result in greater success. She hosts a weekly podcast on iTunes, a web tv show, and publishes an online magazine. Carol can be found at