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Sep 23, 2020

As a writer of children’s books, she understands the value of childhood literacy. She does everything she can to promote early childhood reading.  One of her greatest joys as an author is donating her books to young children. Zane sponsored the Storybook Opera to Northland Christian School and donated a book to every child in Pre-K through 1st grade. Over 125 students left the performance with their own signed copies of her book.

The Houston Grand Opera and Discovery Green Conservatory held a 3-day spring break event at the park based on her Worlds First Tooth Fairy book.  Every child in attendance for all three days received a personal autographed book.  She has also donated several hundred of her books to the non-profit organization Books Between Kids.

Living a generous life was instilled for Zane at a very young age. Her mother was very active in donating her time and resources to those less fortunate than she. It was a way of life for her growing up and continues to this day.

Zane is proud to call Houston home and generously gives of her time and resources to ensure Houston stays one of the top cities in the nation. She has done an incredible job of fundraising for causes that are near and dear to her heart. She and her husband, Brady, chaired the 2017 Houston Grand Opera Ball which raised $1.75 M, the 10-year anniversary Discovery Green Conservancy Gala in 2019 that raised $1.2M as well as the 2019 SPCA Gala held in the beautiful new Carruth Education Center.

Zane owns Carson Marketing, LLC, a Houston-based, full-service marketing company that provides integrated marketing solutions for businesses. She also owns Etiquette to Excel and is a certified business etiquette and protocol professional.


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