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Jul 29, 2018

Beverly Langford, Author Of The Etiquette Edge: Modern Manners For Business Success on Women Entrepreneurs Radio.

On the surface of the contemporary working world, etiquette might seem passé. Business casual dress slides closer and closer to casual. As organizations shrink, so does the distance (and formality) between the highest-ranking leaders and their entry-level employees. The use of social media encourages everyone to be more open.

None of these realities have eliminated the need for business etiquette. They’ve simply added nuance, and new avenues for making a good impression—or a bad one.

In THE ETIQUETTE EDGE: Modern Manners for Business Success author Beverly Langford demonstrates the career-enhancing power of masterful manners, from job interviews to workplace life to the virtual world and beyond.

Beverly Y. Langford is President of LMA Communication, Inc.® a consulting, training, and coaching firm that works with organizations and individuals on strategic communication, message development, effective interpersonal communication skills, team building, and leadership development. In addition, Dr. Langford, a Clinical Assistant Professor, has taught leadership communication to graduate students at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business for many years, teaching in the MBA, Professional MBA, and Global Partners MBA programs.