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Jun 21, 2020

Brynne Kennedy is the founder of Topia, and author of the new book, Flat, Fluid and Fast: Harness the Talent Mobility Revolution to Drive Employee Engagement, Accelerate Innovation, and Unleash Growth.

Brynne, an entrepreneur and Congressional candidate, recognizes the imperative of overhauling standard operating practices for any small business during a time of demographic change and technology advances that allow people to work in many different ways and in different locations.

She shares:

-concrete actions that will help small businesses continually
attract workers with the skills to do the jobs their company needs to succeed

-how to transition existing employees into new jobs when the market demands a different workforce

-how supporting and empowering remote workers, on-demand project workers, and other non-traditional workers can give small businesses the competitive edge to beat their less nimble competition.