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Jan 30, 2020

Two sisters. Two styles. One brand.

Sisters Celine & Joline Nehoray founded Beverly Hills Lingerie in fall 2018 with the dreams of growing & maintaining the ever-evolving streetwear lingerie industry.

Pioneered by the likes of acclaimed icons Cher & Madonna, lingerie as streetwear was a developing trend in the 1980s. Taking note of the trend which has been fading in & out for decades, Beverly Hills Lingerie is in pursuit of preserving its special charm. “Lingerie as streetwear is a fun & flirty way to toe the risqué & dance around the delicate line of controversial & elegant."

Beverly Hills Lingerie is a streetwear lingerie line launched by young sisters and entrepreneurs Joline and Celine. The two female entrepreneurs launched Beverly Hills Lingerie in 2018, had a collaboration with Fred Segal, and a collection with Cosmopolitan ("Cosmostyle by Cosmopolitan x BHL”).

Born and raised in Beverly Hills with a background in TV/Film, musical theater, public relations, and an expansive business sense gained throughout her years at renowned USC, Celine launched her first business, Beverly Hills Lingerie in Fall 2018 with her sister and business partner Joline. With the immense growth of the brand under its first year alone, it’s clear that Celine has what it takes to execute their roadmap for a successful global brand. Celine is a world traveller, social butterfly, dream chaser, and is on the path to accomplish her childhood goal, to become a highly respected and positively influential TV talk show host.

A true Beverly Hills baby, born and raised. Having traveled the globe countless times with her family and loved ones, Joline still finds Beverly Hills to be home - and her business founded with her sister, Beverly Hills Lingerie, for them, embodies home. Joline founded Beverly Hills Lingerie while still completing her undergraduate degree at USC in Communications and Entrepreneurship after finding difficulty finding edgy yet sexy lingerie to wear as streetwear. The balance between work and school hasn’t been simple, but the constant growth of Beverly Hills Lingerie has been so rewarding, and this is just the start.