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Apr 25, 2019

"Develop Healthy Habits for a Balanced & Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit" with Lifestyle Entrepreneur Sharon Levy on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Sharon Levy, "Lady Tea," a Certified TEA Consultant & Health Stylist, TV Personality, CEO and Founder of Taking Tea InStyle, a holistic tea boutique, uses tea as a means to connect people while empowering them about the importance of self care so they can achieve optimal health. healthy life.

In September 2018, a large polyp was found after a colonoscopy, which doctors suspected may be cancerous; so on November 15, 2018; surgery was performed to remove it.

On December 3, 2018, Ms. Levy was diagnosed with Stage 1 Rectal Cancer. After hearing the news, she knew that her life would be changed forever. Ms. Levy felt that God must have a plan for her. As she thought about this news, she came to the conclusion that it was a blessing in disguise. She knew she had to get her life back on track and work on creating a stronger and more meaningful relationship with God while healing her Mind and Body.

In October, before her cancer diagnosis, Ms. Levy vowed to completely change her lifestyle to improve her health. Her doctors advised her to do Chemo and Radiation to ensure no cancer cells were left behind, but she refused to accept this traditional method, so she researched and prayed to find the best natural remedies and holistic centers that would assist with her healing.

To Date, Mr. Levy has: „X Developed a closer relationship with God „X Since October 2018, she lost 40 pounds and dropped 2 pants sizes „X Lowered her Blood Sugar from 97 ¡V 79 „X Increased her energy and stamina Now more than ever, she is passionate about sharing her story and knowledge with individuals to make an impact in their lives and motivate them to change their mindset to live a healthy lifestyle without unnecessary pain and suffering.

Ms. Levy is available for Speaking Engagements on the following topics:
Achieving Optimal Health by Changing Your Mindset
Tea Wellness
DiversiTEA & Culture

TO BOOK Ms. Levy Email us: Contact Us: 844-4LU-TEA

OpTEAmum Health: A Lifestyle Journey with Lady Tea