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Nov 17, 2021

Reka Robinson - Radio Personality, Certified Life Coach and founder of the "Single You" Academy and Podcast - a bold and empowering platform for 21st century professional women. She's also an NLP Certified Life Coach, AKA the Single Girls Life Coach.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt you had no voice?

Coach Reka Robinson knows exactly what that feels like - which may sound odd, considering the award-winning on-air personality has made a career from expressing herself for over 15 years. Still, in life away from music and entertainment, the Seattle native’s encounter with emotional abuse at the hands of a boyfriend forced her into a deep search for identity and self-worth.

Now, as the "Single Girls Life Coach," she is helping other women to discover their voices, to recognize that being single is not a punishment, and that their relationships with men should no longer define them. Through her growing Single You Academy and Single You Podcast, Robinson offers advice and counseling to women who desire to free themselves from tying their identity to men and to recognize that they are powerful all on their own. 

Robinson’s last relationship was a nightmare, despite her giving the appearance to the public that everything was perfect. During the two-year relationship, Robinson dealt with emotional and psychological abuse and excessive cheating by her ex-boyfriend, who, through her studies, would be classified as an extreme narcissist. Through Robinson’s Single You Podcast, she explores these scenarios, and many more while teaching her clients and listeners how to identify warning signs. This year, she is releasing her book “Sis, Don’t Date that Guy”.

Still, despite her work, Robinson emphasizes that she desires to be married, when it is right. She is also not trying to deter women from being in relationships, instead, encouraging them to recognize their own worth before jumping into one, and understanding that if they happen to remain single, there is nothing wrong with them.

Information on Reka Robinson and Single You can be found on her website at or by following her on Instagram at @justmereka.

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