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Jan 25, 2017

Joel Boggess is the host for "finding your voice radio," author & life coach. He is the go-to guy for clarity, confidence and direction. He's the guy people call when they're feeling stuck, under-challenged or overwhelmed.

Joel's passion and expertise is connecting you to who you really are, what excites you and what you stand for, so you have the clarity of life direction, and empowered to say NO to the noise and YES to the life you were born to live. "Once you get clarity about who you are created to be and learn how to tune into your inner voice, making the right career, family, and life decisions becomes easy," Joel explains.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Joel earned his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University. In his personal journey to find his voice, Joel later went back to school and earned an MBA, as well as a master's in counseling from Amberton University. He and his wife Pei live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They have two Golden Retrievers named Bubba and Jake.