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Aug 30, 2018

Topic: "How to Empower Yourself for Success"

Tanea Smith, founder of She's Got Papers returns to Women Entrepreneurs Radio with her message of inspiration and motivation.

Tanea shares her own transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, how she overcame obstacles in her life, and how she created her own reality so that she could live her purpose.

As a teenager mother living on welfare back in 1994 Tanea Smith made a conscious decision that she would defy the odds and would not become a statistic. She began what eventually ended became an 21 year career as an Executive Assistant on Wall Street in New York City. With the acknowledgment that gratitude & ambition can dwell in the same apartment she knew that despite having a “steady” job the click she felt in her spirit to do & be more was too strong to ignore. After the birth of her 2nd child in 2007 she used her creativity & life’s experiences and created a witty & empowering stationery collection, She’s Got Papers.

While the “papers’ are keeping America connected one handwritten note at a time, in 2013 she expanded her platform. As an Inspirational Speaker & Transition Expert Tanea motivates, inspires and walks alongside other women who are in transition, a journey that she knows all too well.

Tanea has been featured in Essence, More, Pen World, American Express Open & The Wendy Williams Show.

Tanea has spoken at St. John’s University, City College of New York, New York University and teaches workshops throughout New York City.

She is an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Connect with her on Twitter @inspiredbysgp, Instagram @ShesGotPapers


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