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Mar 31, 2018

Setting Goals: If You Don't Know Where You're Going, How Can You Get There? with Deborah A. Bailey

Deborah A Bailey (host of Women Entrepreneurs Radio) shares why creating your story can help you to decide what you want to do in your business and what you want to achieve. Why your brand story is important, and why you measuring your progress is essential to having a successful business.

Deborah is a writer, coach, author of several fiction and non-fiction books and creator and host of the Women Entrepreneurs Radio™ podcast.

Her online course, "Five Steps to Making Changes in Your Business" shows how you can align your goals with your intentions for your business and your life. That course is part of the recently created Secrets of Success School for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Small Business owners.

Her bylines have appeared in publications such as,,, Working World Magazine and She's been a guest on Good Day Street Talk on Channel 5 in NYC, ABC6 TV, and WFMZ TV as an expert in career transitions and reinvention.

Secrets of Success School:

For more information about the "Five Steps to Making Changes in Your Business" class: