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May 15, 2019

Taming the Bully Between Your Ears with Author & Speaker Jeanie Cisco-Meth on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Jeanie shares:
How bullying affects children and adults
The power to choose before responding
The steps to bully proofing

As a high school teacher for 17 years, Jeanie Cisco-Meth saw first hand the damage that can be done by a bully. She developed a program to help her students deal with bullying so that harsh words may hurt but not devastate. In 2012, she transitioned from the classroom to the stage and has the pleasure of traveling the country sharing her life saving message with youth and businesses alike.

Jeanie says, "Our country can no longer pay the devastating cost of lives lost to bullies whether the bully be internal or external. I had to do something to help." - order a free copy - podcast