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Oct 5, 2017

The FIDO Factor: How to Get a Leg Up at Work with Krissi Barr Founder of Barr Corporate Success on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Krissi Barr’s dynamic presence, instinctive strategic vision, and creative thinking produce effective, sustainable bottom-line results for her clients. Krissi’s “Can Do” attitude generates confidence in her executive coaching clients and strategic consulting corporate clients. Throughout Krissi’s career she’s increased the profitability of nearly every organization with which she worked.

Krissi is the founder of Barr Corporate Success and author with her husband Dan Barr of, The Fido Factor: How To Get A Leg Up At Work is a dog-themed book that teaches the business leadership lessons we learn from man’s best friend. Authors Krissi and Dan Barr focus on a model of leadership that nearly everyone can relate to and lots of people consider a family member or their best friend - dogs.

THE FIDO FACTOR emphasizes four qualities every leader needs to succeed and earn respect. The authors can discuss the techniques for developing the dog-inspired traits of:

* Faithful leaders are loyal, trustworthy, and caring.

* Inspirational leaders are motivational, encouraging, and enthusiastic.

* Determined leaders are persistent, disciplined, and accountable.

* Observant leaders are perceptive, aware, and curious.

Krissi Barr is founder and CEO of Barr Corporate Success (, consultants specializing in strategic planning, executive coaching, and behavioral assessments. Dan Barr is a senior sales and marketing executive at a leading property restoration company.