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Jan 6, 2018

“Unleash Your Power to Become Unstoppable” with Confidence Coach Erin Summ on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

During this conversation you'll learn how to:

-Embrace Failure for more Success
-Love Yourself Unconditionally First
-Have 100% Clarity about your Compelling Vision

Erin Summ, Confidence Coach, is a sought after speaker, author of Stand Up and Shine 60-Day Confidence Discovery Journal and contributing author in Catch Your Star. Fueled by her own journey from shy to confident and her passion to help others thrive, Erin helps shy and introverted women entrepreneurs stand in their power and value so they can shine and make the big impact they are called to make in the world and in their bank account.

Erin's presentations are not only packed with tools to get her audience started immediately, but are also thought provoking and filled with inspiration. Her down-to-earth, positive spirit keeps her audience engaged and yearning for more.

Erin holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Click on the link below to download your free report especially for Women Entrepreneurs Radio listeners:

"7 Secrets to Lasting Confidence for More Clients and Money in the Bank"