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Jun 8, 2022

Melissa and I recorded this conversation a few years ago. But the marketing information is certainly current and extremely helpful for small bus9iness owners. Also be sure to check out her free eBook: "Small Business Marketing on a Budget" link below.


Melissa Forziat is a Southern California-based marketing speaker, consultant, and author. She works with small business owners to develop and execute strategic marketing plans and with business organizations to train their trainers in small business marketing.


She offers keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, and webinars, with her 2018-2019 speaking schedule taking her to Arizona, Hawaii, Missouri, Texas, Washington, DC, Wyoming, and as far as New Zealand!  To date, she has delivered 47 workshops to over 1350 attendees in 9 US states and 2 countries and 37 webinars to over 1600 attendees, with collaborative partners in 11 US states.


Melissa is the author of the free eBook and companion workbook Small Business Marketing on a Budget and Board President of Ventures nonprofit, which helps low-income entrepreneurs in Seattle to gain self-sufficiency through business ownership.


Before starting Melissa Forziat Events and Marketing, Melissa’s early career involved roles with the Olympic Winter Games, Rugby World Cup, and the US Olympic Committee (managing dozens of events for visiting teams and dignitaries, from Polish track and field teams to Saudi Arabian princes).  Through her experiences with some of the biggest brands in the world, she learned the principles of building a strong brand and how to deliver the right message to the right audience time and time again.  Melissa is passionate about working with clients to find effective marketing solutions that allow their businesses to thrive.


A former gymnast, Melissa never quite made it to the Olympics in her sport, but she has taken Olympic-level marketing wisdom all over the world and made it accessible to the small businesses that need it most!

Download her free ebook: “Small Business Marketing on a Budget” here:


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