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Oct 31, 2019

Payal Nanjiani is the CEO at Insightful Learning and founder of the globally known Leadership Through Mind program. She is a leadership trainer, business coach and motivational speaker. Her clients range from small medium business to Fortune 500 companies. She is also the author of a upcoming book to be published in USA this year - 2018.

For more than a decade Payal has coached, advised, motivated, developed customized training programs and mentored to help nurture the business of many whom you see thriving today. She has helped numerous women leaders, corporate teams, business owners, and individuals increase revenue, establish new brands, build a dynamic and productive team, improve ROI, grow in their career, reposition themselves as leaders in their industries, and more. Her workshops, coaching programs, corporate training, keynote presentations, and retreats have proven to create breakthroughs and inspired people to maximize their results.

Payal has often been featured over Radio, Television and Women Association Cover Page. She has been instrumental in setting up leadership roundtable for Women Associations. She resides in USA with her family. She is proud to be the only women of Indian origin who is a business author , speaker, coach and leadership trainer in USA. Her sessions and talks have inspired many.

If you are totally ready and committed to take your leadership and business to the next level, connect with Payal for free business resources on her YouTube channel, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Youtube channel: Payal Nanjiani
Linkedin: Payal Nanjiani