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Jun 23, 2021

Marney Andes is a born-and-bred farm girl from Wallace, Nebraska. A consultant, educator, and entrepreneur, she has dedicated her career to supporting teams and individuals as they develop and grow.

Her experience in performance consulting and leadership development spans a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, education, and nonprofit. A college basketball player and former Mrs. America, Marney is the founder of Project Aspire, a nonprofit created to support women in their pursuit of higher education and leadership opportunities.

Marney holds a master's in information and learning technologies from the University of Colorado Denver and currently resides outside of Denver with her husband, Allen, and her two sons, Owen and Brody.

About the book

Marney Andes grew up on a farm outside of Wallace, a small town in western Nebraska. Today, she is a successful learning and development executive, coach, corporate consultant, and entrepreneur. She’s also a former educator and collegiate basketball player.

Marney attributes much of her success to her dad, who when he wasn’t working in the corn or wheat fields or tending to his Angus cattle, was teaching Marney how to grow as a professional, live with joy, and discover fulfillment. He taught her eight core lessons that grounded her and helped her create the life she wanted.

Success—in business and life—doesn’t come without taking advice, learning lessons, and living with intention. In Start with the Give-Me Shots, Marney outlines her dad’s lessons through honest storytelling, and simple, real-life examples, so you can experience his advice for yourself. She also provides you with guiding questions, so you can work through these lessons right away.

Marney’s insightful strategies are customizable, so you can tailor them to your goals. No matter your stage of life or the challenge you face, applying these lessons will help you navigate your own journey, grow professionally and personally, and live a life you’re proud of.


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