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May 26, 2018

Kate Dobie Founder of Pens Plus Pals on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Founder Kate Dobie was born and raised in a small southern Minnesota town where her dad was the local postmaster. She spent many hours after school and on Saturday mornings shuffling around his mail room.

This foreshadowing aside, Kate has had diverse and dynamic professional experience which took her from that hometown of 500 people to traversing the largest cities and interacting with the biggest brands on the planet, including two and a half years studying Mandarin in mainland China and five years working for Major League Baseball in Australia.

As the first female General Manager of an Australian baseball franchise in national history, Kate has an immense passion for seeing women succeed in business and hopes to serve the Pens Plus Pals community with the same enthusiasm and dedication she brought to the international sports industry.

Pens Plus Pals is a modern matching service for pen pals. Using the best bits of modern technology, P+P reverse engineers to match aspiring pens pals across generations and geographies and facilitate one-to-one tactile communication.