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Apr 27, 2018

"Own Your Money Story…Master Your Money Game" with Financial Capability Expert Kim Harris on Women Entrepreneur Radio™

Author, Speaker and Financial Capability Expert, Kim Harris returns to the show for Financial Capability Month to discuss how to master your money game.

Melding her skills, knowledge, and talents with more than 20+ years experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Kim Harris has established a reputation as being The Legacy Creator ™.

SBA Women in Business Champion
Certified Business Development & Cash-flow Consultant
Tax Recovery Specialist
Certified in Nonprofit Management
Licensed Insurance Agent - TX , CA, FL, MO, MI, OH
Financial Capability Expert

Kim empowers clients to become financially capable, so they can live remarkably and have a legacy worth leaving behind. By sharing her broad experience in financial matters, along with her signature 5-pillar wealth creation strategy, the SILK STOCKING METHOD™, she provides guidance, information, and education that help others to master their money game using TAX-FREE instruments and revenue generating assets.

 Kim's new book - A Dime to My Name - Breaking the Silence, Healing the Brokenness, & Living the Dream is scheduled to release August 1st, 2018. 

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