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Sep 20, 2023

Heather Perren found Lagree Fitness after having triplets in 2010. She was looking for a workout to get her back into shape and after one workout, the choice was clear.  Before long, Heather was obsessed with the workout and in 2015, when the kids were entering Kindergarten, she decided to get certified in the Lagree Method. In 2020, Heather was hand selected and appointed by Sebastien Lagree as a Senior Master Trainer for Lagree Fitness. Heather is also certified in Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness.

In 2020, Heather pivoted from teaching in studio on the Lagree Megaformer to the new Lagree Microformer with virtual workouts.  Thanks to a loyal following, she became an online sensation with her creative and inspiring workouts, which allowed her to form Lagreeing at Home with her co-founder, Lexi Heinzer. She loves how the virtual platform has allowed her to connect to fitness enthusiasts around the world. She loves creating workouts that flow to allow for the maximum intensity and ultimate endurance challenge. 

In addition to her work as Senior Master Trainer for Lagree Fitness and running Lagreeing at Home, she is the director of community relations and events for Lagree Fitness. She works side by side with Sebastien Lagree uniting the Lagree community and growing the brand awareness.

In her free time Heather loves cooking, traveling & spending time with her husband & their 12 year old triplets.