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Nov 30, 2018

"Ready for the New Rules of Social Media Marketing?" with Kerry Heaps on Women Entrepreneurs Radio


Kerry Heaps returns as co-host to discuss how social media changes are rocking the online business world. Are you ready to change how you use social media for your marketing? Ready to pay for ads to extend your reach?...

Nov 30, 2018

Selling Online: What Works Now with Sales & Marketing Expert Kerry Heaps on Women Entrepreneurs Radio


Kerry Heaps returns as co-host to discuss:

*Affiliates and the sales process
*Warm leads vs Cold calling
*Selling without being "pushy"
*Pros & Cons of the Online Sales Funnel

Kerry Heaps is the Publisher of Pageant...

Nov 30, 2018

Why Entrepreneurs Need Multiple Streams of Income with Kerry Heaps on Women Entrepreneurs Radio


Entrepreneurs have options to create multiple income streams. In this discussion Kerry and Deborah talk about why it's important and tips for adding additional income to your business.

A veteran Entrepreneur of 14 years,...

Nov 30, 2018

Author & Chronic Pain Advocate, Nancy Laracy on Women Entrepreneurs Radio


Nancy Laracy is a writer and activist for the elderly and disabled individuals. She is a wife and mother who suffers from a mixed connective tissue disease and fibromyalgia. An advocate and resource for the chronic pain community since being...

Nov 14, 2018

Lynn Robinson is the author of the book, Put Your Intuition to Work. She suggests that intuition is our “Inner GPS.” When we listen to it and act on its wisdom, it will point us in the right direction — towards success! She knows how our intuition can get us what we want and take us where we want to go.

Lynn has...