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May 30, 2019

Writer & Brand Story Strategist Julie Barnes, Founder of Your Story Gold on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Julie shares:

-why it's your story that sets you apart in the dreaded sea of sameness.
-why your story creates trust + credibility.
-three story strategies that every business owner can use to tell their story.


May 23, 2019

"Get Selfish: The Key to Managing Your Time, Finding Your Balance & Truly Having it All" with Author & Coach Emily Capuria on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Emily Capuria, LISW-S, CHHC, is a writer, speaker and coach who is passionate about redefining happiness and showing people how easily accessible it is once you shift...

May 15, 2019

Taming the Bully Between Your Ears with Author & Speaker Jeanie Cisco-Meth on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Jeanie shares:
How bullying affects children and adults
The power to choose before responding
The steps to bully proofing

As a high school teacher for 17 years, Jeanie Cisco-Meth saw first hand the damage that can be...

May 8, 2019

Frances shares:
How she navigated the film industry as a woman of colour
Her career path from the BBC to founding the CaribbeanTales Media Group
Her advice to women entering the film industry

Frances-Anne Solomon is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer, curator, and entrepreneur in film, TV, radio, theatre, and...

May 2, 2019

How to Take Powerful Action & Increase Your Impact with Confidence Coach Karen Donaldson on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Karen Donaldson is an award winning, #1 multi Best Selling Author of 3 books. She is also the owner of Karen Donaldson Inc., and the brands; Speak and Get Booked and Speak Confident. She is a Certified...