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Apr 25, 2019

"Develop Healthy Habits for a Balanced & Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit" with Lifestyle Entrepreneur Sharon Levy on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Sharon Levy, "Lady Tea," a Certified TEA Consultant & Health Stylist, TV Personality, CEO and Founder of Taking Tea InStyle, a holistic tea boutique, uses tea as a means to connect...

Apr 10, 2019

Encouraging Girls & Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur Barrett Clemmensen Powell on Women Entrepreneurs Radio


Barrett Clemmensen Powell shares:

-The state of diversity in children's literature in 2019
-The 7-fold impact of girls and girls of color seeing themselves in books

Apr 4, 2019

Topic: "How to Build Healthy Habits to Build a Strong & Vibrant Brain and Body" with Trudy Stone, Founder of Eat Live and Play on Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Trudy shares:

– How her weight loss journey led her to understand the importance of habits

- Why she decided to write a book and what was the process

– Why she...